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ESI provides services to industries involved in the production and use of energy in its various forms such as power, steam, heat, etc. ESI will supply various types of equipment and services such as:

  • Generic 20/20 replacement parts for consumables

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October 31, 2012

ESI, manufacturer of industrial burner components is pleased to announce the appointment of FRS Instrumentation & Controls Inc. as its sales and marketing partner and will be offering the complete line of products as well as provide technical support and consultation services.

Many older boiler and heating systems with original “legacy” burner guns, nozzles and ignition systems still remain in service. Users find locating quality replacement and repair components challenging.  ESI, (formally known as Oakair) with its knowledge of these legacy combustion system designs makes parts replacement easy and convenient with the 20/20 Reliable Replacement program

FRS is well respected by its marine and industrial customers as a supplier of high quality process controls and instrumentation solutions to meet optimum boiler and process heating performance. Bringing their experience to evaluate the customer requirement and providing a technically sound and cost effective result is a great value to its clients.

By partnering with FRS we at Eneropt Services Inc. are in the process of improving all areas of customer support. A representative from FRS Instrumentation & Controls Inc. will contact you on behalf of ESI  to discuss your requirements.

We believe the partnership of ESI with FRS will be of benefit to serve our customers with the product and services required.

Eneropt Services Inc.

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