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About ESI

Our mission is to provide industry with an alternate source for replacement parts and equipment at lower prices, better delivery times, with equal or superior standards, and new and custom designed components. Our quality control is of the highest standard, which is absolutely essential in any successful and ongoing relationship with our Customers. We feel quite confident in being able to achieve these goals because of our extensive experience in this particular field, lack of overriding bureaucracy and low overhead.

This organization has been involved in the engineering, design and application of combustion and related equipment for utility, cogeneration, industrial, process, institutional and commercial facilities for over forty years.

Previously the founder ran a large engineering and manufacturing operation covering industrial and process burners, air heater, fume and liquid incinerators, ignition systems, flare systems, burner management systems, scrubbers, bag type dust collectors, etc. We manufactured for and supplied to many of the refineries, mines, pulp and paper, petrochemical plants and contracted to do the application engineering, project management and installation of same.



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