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Fuel Processing Units

ESI totally integrated factory assembled and tested Modular Fuel Oil Processing Units control, within close tolerances, the pressure, viscosity (temperature) and purity of all grades of fuel oils for all types of services and applications.

Units can be simplex, duplex or triplex with any component or element capable of use with any other in all combinations.

Fuel Processing Unit
Fuel Processing Unit


  • Pressures are modulated by back pressure or blow off with sensing done either directly or electronically/pneumatically. Suction pressures can range to -18" Hg. Pressure can be as high as 1000 psi.
  • Pumps are positive displacement and can be screw, gear or sliding vane type. They can be driven electrically or by steam, (motor or turbine)


  • Temperature (viscosity) is raised by modulated use of steam or electricity or lowered, if required, with chilled water or refrigerant. Sensing is direct or electro/pneumatic.
  • Heat Exchangers can be "oil-in-shell" or "oil-in-tube".


  • Filtration is done on suction and discharge and can be by mechanical or centrifugal means, to the degree required.
  • Strainers or filters can be either simplex or duplex


  • All control elements such as valves, traps and strainers have three-valve by-passes.
  • Full operating and monitoring instrumentation is provided on a common control panel.
  • All equipment and/or components are mounted on a common base with integral drip-tray and drain connection.


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