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Reliable Replacements

20/20 Designed Products

ESI will inspect any of your equipment and apply our 20/20 analysis to them in order to resolve your OEM problems such as high replacement costs, extended delivery, planned obsolescence, or sub-standard materials. ESI has established a reliable, economical and secure source of replacement parts, materials and equipment.

ESI will supply 20/20 design solutions to your problems with extreme thoroughness and dedication as detailed below:

  • Inspect and analyze for deficiencies, wear, hardness, incorrect materials, inadequate machining, and surfaces
  • Manufactured new parts to at least OEM standards and tolerances or better with the added benefits of lower pricing and much shorter delivery periods
  • Documentation would be supplied as required for all aspects of manufacture, application and use

If you are having problems with existing components, parts, materials, etc. and/or are interested in replacement, retrofit or upgrade the 20/20 system can guarantee optimum products and absolute satisfaction.



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